This is a reworked, revisited rebuilt piece using recycled, reclaimed and reconstituted brick clay. Lots of ‘re – somethings’ in this case, but the effect is quite impressive. The process is to use an existing rubber mould to build the clay piece, let it dry for a week, take it out of the mould and rework the surface and alter the shape to get a new piece. The clay is workable enough rather than too dry if I were to use a plaster mould to cast the object. At this point I’m recreating the piece with a different expression, different surface texture and the resulting mood of the piece is different from the starting point of a fixed face if I were to use it straight from the casting process.

Clay is then fired to a very high temperature to make the lustre and impurities rise to the surface of the sculpture – making it shiny as if it was glazed. This is a slightly risky process as I have to be quite sure that the clay can take it before it slumps and the building process is prone to trapping bubbles which, not only shatters the piece during the firing process, but also destroys anything else that is nearby in the kiln.

High risk seems to be paying off and the result is pleasing.

The subject matter is still the same as in previous pieces involving figurative depictions of men.

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