This sculpture is a transcription of a photograph from an article about masculinity and fatherhood  and is my take on the mode of manliness and virility through becoming a father. This is then further reinforced into a masculine role by adopting a role of being a ‘good father’. “He’s a good dad!” is something you hear quite often about someone who might have failings in other areas of life but still remains a dedicated father to his children. It is an aspect of masculinity that sometimes floats outside the machismo and makes up a fuller image of someone’s masculinity but taken on it’s own and taken to extreme may harm the image of someone’s strength and position within society, friends and family if that is the only thing he is – as in being a stay at home dad.

I’m using dried flowers as a coat the man is wearing to introduce another, strange dimension to the scene and introduce a narrative that is not just about the relationship of the father and son figures but they also and independently have lives of their own. The fuzzy coat, interesting in the technique, makes him an individual, leaving the rest of him naked is also deliberate as if to suggest sexuality that is outside this scene. On the other hand the boy standing on a chair has a business of a manic, frantic toddler, contained by the action of standing on top of the chair and being made to focus on something and interacting with the adult male figure, advising, leading and instructing.

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