This sculpture is made using flashing – a roofing material designed to seal leaks in guttering. It is a self adhesive tape made from tar and a thin foil of aluminium, easily torn to pieces and used as cladding. It particularly sticks well to itself and after a couple of layers of material forms a watertight seal as well as becoming more or less self supporting. It is easily malleable and will stick to most non porous materials. Beautiful and unusual material not normally used in art but building trade. This is what initially attracted me to using it in the first place as it brought qualities to my work that I wanted to emphasise: that of industrial, building trade bridging the two spheres of the tradition of making.

The pose of the sculpture is also quite significant and that it is of a male figure. The expression of it brings a narrative with it that is easily interpreted in terms of masculinity, power, male privilege and sexuality. He is given the power of being a man and the pose is suggestive of not knowing what to do with this power, now that he has it – use it or abuse it.

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