The job of being an artist leads you on a different path every day. Today I have been making wire hearts of all things! It seems a random thing to do but I am developing a prototype for a commission for St Catherine’s Hospice for an event planned for September 2018. I am at early stages of this project where we are trying to work out what exactly they would like to have and what I can deliver for them, given the equipment, time and costs involved. My preferred method of working is to reach a stage where the client and I are both happy that the sculpture/product is going to closely resemble the initial idea, and only then I would start negotiation on price and quoting for the job.

Previously, I have done it too soon and feel bound by the agreed price to make something to that value. If this money is lower than I would like, it would leave me in a terrible dilemma of either giving them what they paid for or keeping my professional integrity and pride in my work and giving them something that really ought to be more expensive than initially thought. The time spent getting to this stage is never time wasted. I’d always rather make sure that I’m not left feeling hard done by and that the person who commissioned me feels confident that the project will succeed, in contrast with rushing it to make sure I secure the job and subsequently regret the decision made.

The drawback is that this approach can be a little frustrating if there is a deadline to meet, and there is always a deadline.

Prototype done, here are some images of the actual thing as submitted to the client. It is ready to purchase through my shop

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