I started off this line of enquiry by looking into expressions on a man’s face while utilising the stereotypes of what a man should look like. The idea ‘man’s head’ can conjure plenty of images in my mind and I wanted to use these ideas to create an imaginary set of heads to stand as a body of work. The intention was then to work with assemblage and presentation to convey meaning where there isn’t any. I needed to look at what positioning and relationships bring and how they create a narrative for the pieces.

This is still a work in progress and there are some more heads to be built, and fired to make permanent. One of these have, unfortunately, burst open on the beard, during the firing process and look quite gruesome. As an object it may have some merit but as a possible item for sale it clearly fails quite spectacularly.

Here are some more images of the crated pieces and this small collection will possibly grow as the heads develop.

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