Narrative is all about information and leading you on in a story. Usually it is all about conversation to take a story forward and engage you to keep your interest. Mostly it is involving people and sometimes animals but it is always about the experience shared.

In case of these sculptures they are about people in different poses interacting in some way to suggest a story. We can’t help but imbue what we see with meaning. All of the figures are at different stages of the same process of making: wire armature, taped up, thin layer of jesmonite to build up the body, building up the volume, probably too much and then taking it back down again to the surface I’m happy with.

The next step is to make the arrangements to suggest relationships. The beauty of having so many of them is that the permutations are many and each combination tells a slightly different story. It is then down to editing to tell the right story. Having the material is important to free up the possibilities and allow choices to be made.

Finish is not yet at the stage where the sculptures can be sold but here that is not what this series is about.

I’ll be revisiting this at some point to clad them all in flashing and then rearrange them into a definitive story, the sort of finish shown in the sculpture Gift of Power.


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